What Everyone's Saying About LV Lumber!

Great bats, great people, and an amazing cause to those with cancer. - Bobby S., former Major Leaguer and Owner of Windy City Baseball

Hands down the best wood bat I have ever used. - Matt C., Division 1 Ballplayer

LV Lumber has been a great find for me and my clients. - Mike B., Major League Hitting Instructor

The bats are money, I hit my first Pro Nuke with them! - Z. Britton, Toronto Blue Jays  

I think I found my new favorite weapon! - N. Rijo, Red Sox Minor Leaguer

I love the feel and the pop, LV Lumber is the only bat I want to use!. - K. Schmidt, Minnesota Twins

Who We Are

A company ran by baseball people, for baseball players, with a mission that's bigger than baseball. 

Our story is one of strength and resilience, and we reflect that in the way we do everything at LV Lumber. Our mission is two-fold: put the best product on the field, and create the best life for those suffering from pediatric cancer.

With 25% of our profits going to pediatric cancer causes, we try to do everything we can to get these young warriors back on the diamond. We know you have the power to help us knock pediatric cancer out of the park.

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