Landon Vargas Lumber (LV Lumber) - Founded in December 2018 to address our two largest passions: the love for the game and bettering the lives of children fighting cancer.

Love for the game - Through playing all our lives, we have learned about the inconsistent quality of bats, even among top bat manufacturers. We aim to provide a premier, consistent product using MLB quality wood at the right price.

Battling childhood cancer - We have been deeply affected by pediatric cancer and want to help improve the lives of kids going through this difficult battle, one that no young kid should be forced to endure. To learn more about where LV Lumber comes from, please visit Our Inspiration's page. We plan to donate 25% of our profits to cancer, through providing research and supporting young children fighting cancer. We hope to bring a smile to their faces, from visiting them in the hospital to creating customized bats (Request a Bat for a Warrior Battling Cancer).