Flat Bat Trainer
Flat Bat Trainer

Flat Bat Trainer

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Purchase one at:  https://squareup.com/store/wireddev/item/half-bat-training

- Orange Stain Wood Flat Bat Trainer made my LV Lumber Bat Company

- 33 inches - 18 ounces - Whiffle-ball bat weight with game day bat handle feel

- Designed for underload training to get unlimited reps indoors/outdoors without getting exhausted

- High quality reps with a low effort practice - Stay rested for game time

- Bat path and acceleration auditory testing - When a player swings properly you can hear where the whoosh is in his or her bat path, as a coach I desire the bat speed 'whoosh' to happen behind the ball not at contact or after contact

- Perfect tool for any youth, amature or proferssional hitter - and coaches! You won't want to put it down!

- Practice anywhere at anytime! Mom *hopefully* won't get mad.

- We highly advise light training balls: Tennis, whiffle, foam balls while training - No Hard balls